Why Patagonia?
The name alone gives rise to feelings of wonder and awe, and once you are there, is does not disappoint! There are few places with such wild, raw beauty, and running gives us a chance to get up close and personal with this majestic landscape. The trails are quiet, endless and downright spectacular. The pace of life is as relaxed as it comes and the climate, though fierce at times, makes you feel alive as never before. You’ll witness glaciers, waterfalls, penguins, golden meadows and turquoise lakes. In other words…why not?

What’s included in the trip cost?
The trip price includes pre-trip communication & guidance, airport transfers, a two-day chartered whale and glacier-watching boat excursion (with open bar) to remote Tierra del Fuego, all hotels & refugios, all meals/snacks,  water, transportation, drivers, experienced guides & logistics team, guided runs and a Rogue Expeditions shirt. In short, just about everything is covered from the moment you land until the moment you leave!

What isn’t included in the trip cost?
The cost does not include flight, alcohol (other than the boat trip), additional activities or tips.

Why isn’t the flight included?
Let’s be honest, we are all unique and your schedules (and originating airport!) are no exception.   Come early, stay late.  Drive, fly, sail, take a train, or arrive by horseback. Participants will be responsible for booking their travel arrangements and ensuring that they arrive in Punta Arenas (either at the airport or hotel) by evening of the trip start date. Departures should be no earlier than 3:00pm on the final day. Suggestions and guidance will be provided once you are signed up. You will be flying into Punta Arenas, Chile, which generally requires a connection in Santiago.

How far do I have to be able to run?
There is no set requirement, but we recommend that you be comfortable with daily running (or at least hiking) for the best experience. Some runs will take place en route to the next destination, while others will be out and back. Most days offer full flexibility in distance, though one day requires 7 miles. You are more than welcome to hike and will have all day, but you *must* be capable of covering the distance on foot. Also note that visiting the famous “towers” on the final day requires difficult 12 miles roundtrip; it is not required, but everyone is strongly encouraged to prepare for that distance (again, hiking is fine - that's what most people choose to do)!

What sort of terrain will we be running on?
Consider this a trail running trip! There will be some dirt/gravel roads, some smooth single track and some pretty technical mountain trails – you will not see pavement after the first day. Expect your paces to be significantly slower than they would be on the road, and to incorporate some hiking on especially technically and/or steep sections. Trail shoes are highly recommended!

What time of day will be be running?
The time of day will vary depending on where we are and where we’re headed. We incorporate morning runs as much as possible, though there will be some afternoon start times. Flexibility is key!

What will we do when we aren’t running?
When we aren’t running, we’ll have plenty to see and do! We’ll enjoy epic scenery from various boats, spectacular wildlife viewing, learn about traditional ranch life at the estancias, and of course we’ll be covering quite a bit of distance by vehicle (with well-timed rest/photo stops). Be ready for a drastically slower pace of life, and the chance to sit back, relax, enjoy long meals, gorgeous views and conversation with new friends.

Can my non-runner spouse/friend come too?
Absolutely, though they must be willing to hike 7 miles on Day 6 as there is no road access to our accommodations. They are welcome to hike or ride along in vehicles the other days, and are still sure to have a great experience, sans running!

What will the hotels be like?
Two nights will be spent onboard a charter ship with comfortable quadruple bunk cabins.  One night (arrival) will be spent at a 3-star Chilean hotel – expect clean, modern double occupancy rooms and private bathrooms with all necessary comforts. Two nights will be spent at refugios within the National Park, which offer shared  bunk rooms (mixed girls/guys). The refugios are both new, modern and provide stunning views of their remote surroundings. Three nights will be spent in unique 4-star hotels. Everywhere that we stay will be welcoming, clean, warm and memorable!

What is the weather like?
The weather in Patagonia is notoriously unpredictable, and it is quite common to experience all four seasons in one day. There will be periods of beautiful, sunny weather and there will be periods of rain and of ferocious wind – this is simply a fact of life at the bottom of the world! High temps in January are generally anywhere from 50-70 degrees, and lows will generally be in the 40s (this is summertime!). The old adage that there is no bad weather, just bad clothing holds true here! We will provide a very detailed packing list to ensure that participants are as prepared as possible, and you must understand that the itinerary is subject to change due to weather conditions. As always, a flexible attitude is a must!

Can I have my own room at hotels?
A limited number of single rooms are possible for four of the nights; there is an option to select “Private Room Upgrade” at signup. Please note that single rooms are not possible on the boat or at the refugios.

What sort of food will we be eating?
We will eat healthy, fresh, traditional Chilean meals throughout the trip, and will travel with our own cook. Breakfasts will include selections of bread, meat, cheese, cereals, yogurt, etc. Lunches will generally be picnic-style – sandwiches, fruit, nuts, etc – and dinners will feature fresh, hearty ingredients. We will also enjoy several traditional Chilean barbeques. Though the Patagonian diet is quite meat-heavy, vegetarians and vegans can easily be accommodated. An important thing to note is that Chileans eat dinner very late – expect meal times of 8pm and beyond!

What sort of vehicles will we be traveling in?
We will be traveling in a comfortable minibus with individual seats for everyone and a professional, experienced driver.

Is it safe?
Very.  Chile and Patagonia in particular is a tourism hot-spot, and there is little to no concern for safety in the typical sense. However, we will be running and traveling in wild, remote country. Although all runs are guided and we will be looking out for you, you must be prepared to handle yourself on a sometimes-technical trail, carry an appropriate amount of water/snacks and have proper clothing to protect you from the elements. With proper planning, there is little cause for concern – and we are here to help you!

What should I pack?
Packing light is a must, but there will be key items to bring along. A hydration pack with enough storage space for a rain jacket/change of clothes is required, as is rain gear (jacket & pants). A warm down or fleece coat, gloves, trail running shoes and hat are also required. We will provide a very detailed packing list and guidance once you are signed up for the trip.

What are the tipping customs?
We will provide country-specific guidance and take a group collection when it comes to the local team (ie drivers, guide, etc) involved with your trip. Tips for Rogue Expeditions guides are always appreciated, and at your discretion.

If I change my mind or something comes up, can I cancel?
We know that life happens, and on occasion a participant will have to back out of a trip. As most of our costs are paid well in advance, we have set a cancellation policy that applies to all trips. Travel insurance is highly recommended to cover potential cancellations on your part.

If you cancel:

  • Within 30 days of signup: Full Refund (if you pay by credit card we retain a 2.9% processing fee each way)
  • 121+ days from the trip start date (but after the 30 day grace period): Deposits are non-refundable
  • 61-120 days from the trip start date: 50% of total payment refunded**
  • 60 days or less from the trip start date: No refunds

**This only applies to participants who have paid their balances on time. If you do not pay the balance by the due date and cancel after the fact, we will retain your full deposit