In March 2012, we (co-founders Allison Macsas & Gabe Steger) took a personal vacation to Morocco where, as die-hard independent travelers, we explored the country on our own. We knew that we’d need a guide to take us into the Sahara, but had no real basis for choosing one – we figured we’d head to the last village and ask around. Eventually we crossed paths with a guide who asked if we’d like to visit the desert. His name was Hamid, and we took an instant liking to him and what he had to offer.

We spent a total of three days with Hamid, mostly at his family’s camp in the Sahara. On the second night, under an amazing starscape, conversation turned to what incredible landscapes Morocco offered for runners - Allison was a coach and semi-pro marathoner - and what incredible experiences it offered for travelers - Gabe was an experienced outdoor adventure guide - and just like, that an idea was born.

Once back in Austin, we worked with Rogue Running and Hamid to begin planning and to put the wheels in motion. Before we knew it, 20 people were registered! March rolled around, the trip was a huge success and at that point it was clear that this is what we were going to do. Over six years later, we’re a small business with an expert team doing big things - not only are we taking more and more runners to Morocco, but we now also offer 14 different itineraries in 9 different countries!

We put our heart and soul into each and every trip, and can hardly believe how many wonderful people we’ve met, how many miles have been run and how many memories have been made thus far. If you want to hear more about it or ask a few questions, just drop us a line - we’re always happy to chat!