If you’re searching for one place that has it all, this may well be your spot. 

First, the landscapes: Picture dramatic cliff faces plunging into a turquoise ocean, iconic Table Mountain presiding over Cape Town, powder soft beaches, thick forests, carpets of flowers, miles upon miles of gently rolling vineyard-covered hills and magical golden sunsets. 

Then, the wildlife: We’ll spot sunbathing seals, look for migrating whales and get up close and personal with majestic elephants (and perhaps lions and rhinos too!). 

And, the food: From the foodie scene in Cape Town to a traditional backyard braai, you’ll find an exotic fusion that tells the story of the region’s many inhabitants: indigenous game meats, starches & greens, Malay spices, Dutch heartiness. You’ll find great coffee, a thriving craft beer scene and, of course, South Africa’s legendary wines right at the source. 

Finally, the history: It’s no secret that this country has had a long, difficult past, and we will take the time to understand the struggles and complexities that have made South Africa the place it is today.

Come run South Africa. You’ll experience all of the above… and so much more!

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