If you’re even considering signing up for this trip, do yourself a favor and put down the deposit right now before it sells out! You won’t regret it!

It’s been a few days since getting home from the Patagonia trip and I keep finding myself day dreaming about all the adventures packed into those 9 days. This wasn’t the typical “hike/camp through Patagonia for a week” kind of trip - we got the highlights within the park but also SO. MUCH. MORE. From getting up close and personal with whales and glaciers, to climbing “small rises” for breathtaking views, to running through fields with guanaco herds - each time I thought “this will be the highlight of the trip”, I would be blown away by something new! Being surrounded by such an awesome group of running enthusiasts also added to the overall experience!

The RE team has everything planned out meticulously - this isn’t their first rodeo so just trust them completely and you will have the trip of a lifetime. And yes, their suggested packing list is on point. Also, you may come away with the best pictures you’ve ever seen of yourself running! If your race photos look anything like mine, then that alone is worth the price of the trip!

I will definitely be on another RE trip in 2019! And 2020, and 2021...
— Erika T.


Patagonia: the name alone gives rise to feelings of wonder and adventure. Yvon Chouinard, founder of the famous Patagonia clothing brand, perhaps summed it up best when he said the name Patagonia brings up, ’romantic visions of glaciers tumbling into fjords, jagged windswept peaks, gauchos and condors.’ We will see all that, and more.

There are few places on earth with such wild, raw beauty, and it has attracted intrepid rock climbers and mountaineers for generations. Running is a more novel approach, but it gives us a chance to get up close and personal with this majestic landscape in a different way. The trails and roads are quiet and endless, the pace of life is as relaxed as it comes, and the climate, though fierce at times, makes you feel alive as never before.

Our adventure begins with a full day boat journey through the Strait of Magellan and around the southernmost tip of South America. We’ll sail among rugged mountains, thundering glaciers and virgin ecosystems while spotting sea lions and whales in one of the most pristine places on the planet. Believe us, this is a next-level experience!

Afterwards, we head north towards the renowned Torres del Paine National Park for a week of running & trekking through the awe-inspiring beauty of Patagonia: enjoy a stunning mosaic of golden meadows, lush forest, brilliant glacial lakes, dramatic mountains and rushing rivers. Finish each day with a big feast, plenty of Chilean wine and a warm bed, preparing you for the next incredible day.

Between running, hiking and plenty of chances to explore the lakes and glaciers, this trip is all-action and perfect for anyone with a keen sense of adventure. You don’t have to be a trail runner to go to Patagonia with us, but we guarantee that you’ll leave as one!

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