I could not have been more thrilled to find Rogue Expeditions. I wanted to travel to Kenya, but didn’t want to be stuck on a catered-to-tourists tour, and the idea of being with active people really appealed to me.

Rogue did not disappoint. The team not only delivered the usual Africa stuff (elephants, lions, hippos, zebras, giraffe), but gave me a flavor of the REAL Kenya — it’s wonderful people, diverse culture, traditional foods, and celebrating running culture with accomplished and friendly Kenyan athletes.

Organization, pre-trip communication, and ad hoc problem-solving was all on point by the unflappable staff, and there were ample opportunities to stray ‘off tour’ on my own.

I’ll be back!
— Christine F.
I have done a good bit of traveling (and running) in various countries, but my Run Kenya trip with Rogue was hands down the best trip of my life. I’d been wanting to do an African safari for years and it was definitely an amazing aspect of the Rogue trip, but there was so much more to it than that. Rogue did an incredible job of combining running in jaw dropping locations, local food, and best of all, local culture. Our Kenyan guides felt more like family than guides....and the same goes for our Rogue guide, which was Allison on this particular trip. I can’t adequately put my experience into words, so my best advice is to go and experience it for yourself. No doubt you’ll leave with life changing experiences and memories that last a lifetime....and perhaps even a few new friends.
— Jenny Truax
My Kenya experience was beyonds words, and very hard to properly portray it in a review. I had been waiting for a trip to Africa for sometime. It is one of my dreams to touch every continent, and Africa was one of the last ones I needed. I went into this trip expecting a normal African experience, but I was in for a huge shocker. This is one of those trips that are life changing, and effect you on so many levels. Rogue Expeditions takes you on a cultural tour of one of the most breathtaking places on earth. I KIDD YOU NOT!! The animals and scenery are terrific, but on this trip you get to be part of the culture with the people of Kenya. You experience a culture that is slow paced and truly kind people. Everyone waves, and greats you on the street. You can sit down for mixed tea with locals, and hear stories you only read about in books.
The food is beyond words as well. The fruits, and vegetables have such a rich taste that I have never found in the states. You are treated daily to every kind of Kenyan cuisine, and none of it is a let down.
The wildlife is everywhere! We at lunch outside within 500ft of two lions. There are monkeys everywhere, and Giraffes are a dime a dozen. I got so tired of seeing so many lions by the end of the trip.
Running Kenya is amazing! I ran with so many world class runners I couldn’t even begin to count. They ran with us on there 2nd or 3rd run of the day, and did it at our pace. Btw, they all run like 2 hour marathons! I mean all of them!
If you looking for a trip that will dive you into its culture, and let you experience the true essence of Kenya then this is your trip! I can’t imagine someone coming back from this trip, and not being a changed person.
I have to give a little shout out to Allison and Gabe! They are like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Everyone loves PB&J !!They are just the perfect mix too. The guides you have in Kenya “George and Mellie” are some of the best people you will ever meet!
I implore you not to wait on this trip! I am returning in the fall with Rogue, and am making plans to move there. I am so thankful for Allison and Gabe for putting together the perfect African experience!
— Rick Nichols
This trip was fabulous! Simply, Gabe and his staff “get it”. They understand what every traveler (whether you run or walk) is looking to experience: adventure, breathtaking scenery, local culture, fabulous food, and incredible accommodations, provided seamlessly. My only issue is- which Rogue Expedition to take next!!
— Leslie H.


The “TLDR”: If you’re even considering signing up for a trip, do yourself a favor and put down the deposit right now before it sells out! You won’t regret it! �
It’s been a few days since getting home from the 2018 Patagonia trip and I keep finding myself day dreaming about all the adventures packed into those 9 days. This wasn’t the typical “hike/camp through Patagonia for a week” kind of trip - we got the highlights within the park but also SO. MUCH. MORE. From getting up close and personal with whales and glaciers, to climbing “small rises” for breathtaking views, to running through fields with guanaco herds - each time I thought “this will be the highlight of the trip”, I would be blown away by something new! Being surrounded by such an awesome group of running enthusiasts also added to the overall experience!
Some general things to know before you go:
- The RE team has everything planned out meticulously - this isn’t their first rodeo so just trust them completely and you will have the trip of a lifetime. And yes, their suggested packing list is on point.
- You may come away with the best pictures you’ve ever seen of yourself running! If your race photos look anything like mine, then that alone is worth the price of the trip!
I will definitely be on another RE trip in 2019! And 2020, and 2021...etc etc
— Erika T.
Just finished 2018 Run Patagonia trip, I am struggling to put into words how I feel! This entire experience (communication prior to trip, packing list for the trip, arrangements for early arrival, THE TRIP) all far surpass the expectations I had. I was hoping for a nice enjoyable trip.., I got the best trip of my life thus far! Every detail is thought out for you. Multiple plans are in place to ensure the trip is relaxing and at the same time comfortablely adventurous. Gabe and Allison do a beautiful job including everyone in everything. They make each person feel great about their running ability. You start the trip as a customer but end feeling like family! I definitely see more RE trips in my future!
— Charlie B.
An epic vacation! I couldn’t be more happy with my Rogue Expeditions experience! We saw Patagonia in a truly unique way — getting to do some of both the un and the expected! Whales (within inches!), walking on glaciers, beautiful running trails (views that will stay with me a lifetime!), hiking (same!), sea kayaking, and wonderful food and wine options. Allison and Gabe (and Sergio!) were great at rolling with the punches in a dynamic environment and kept us entertained, safe, and offered enough adventure for everyone. I’ll be back!
— Carla Riney
I can’t even begin to describe how fantastic my trip to Patagonia was. Whale watching where we saw not 1, not 2, but 25 different whales! Hikes with indescribably beautiful scenery. More delicious food and wine than you ever thought possible. The local guides through out the trip are entertaining and full of knowledge, they will become part of your group. I would say this was a once in a life time trip, but I’m already planning my next trip with Rogue Expeditions.
— Delaney Van Vranken
I am gonna start off by saying that this was one of my dream places! I love the rugged outdoors, and Patagonia delivers that!
I am three days off my trip, and can truthfully say that was “one hell of a trip”!!! I got to run and explore one of the most remote places on earth, and see places few have seen! I can not begin to describe the landscape. There are no words that could do it justice. I am a avid trail runner, and these trails were top notch! A little bit of everything! Take a little ice. Mix it with some mountains, and trees. Throw in a 50 mph headwind, and some big ass glaciers! That is the perfect recipe for an adventure!!!!!
Rogue Expeditions delivers a one of a kind experience with a very personal touch! Both Gabe and Allison have hearts of gold, and they go above and way beyond anyone’s expectations!
I implore you to go on this trip! Do it now! Not tomorrow! Tomorrow already has a big enough list.
— Rick Nichols
Four trips in......and I’m definitely addicted to Rogue Expeditions! Awesome people, places, food and experiences!
— David
After an unforgettable trip to Kenya with Rogue Expeditions last year, I came back for Patagonia (Chile). While I could go on and on about what each destination has to offer, the thing that makes these trips so special is the people and the careful coordination from Rogue Expeditions. They have a knack for attracting fantastic people, then they combine it with extra thought and personalization to make it unique for all involved. I’m already thinking about where I will go with them next.
— Jenny Truax
I wasn’t sure what to expect when I signed up for a running adventure in Patagonia with Rogue Expeditions but it was one of the best trips I’ve ever taken. Gabe and Allison’s passion for travel is evident in this well planned trip that took us from chasing whales in the Strait of Magellan to running trails in Torres del Paine. They even accommodated vegan options in the most remote place on earth, and the food was awesome! I could not have picked a better group of people to experience Patagonia with, it was like traveling with friends. Spectacular mountains, glaciers and lakes...what more can you ask for? ...another trip with Rogue!
— Kim Spooner
This was the best trip I have taken in my entire life! Any active person will love traveling with Rogue Expeditions and Allison and Gabe. While the trip is marketed to runners, even a casual hiker will find the trip enjoyable and challenging. I loved everything about my trip to the bottom of the world, and plan to go on every international trip Rogue offers!
— Linda Musante


Nothing could have prepared me for the beauty of seeing Lake Tahoe. The vivid colors, breathtaking views, crystal clear water, and epic trails are the stuff of dreams. Despite only knowing Gabe and Allison ahead of my trip, I was instantly bonded with the other attendees in my Expedition, as we explored Tahoe in what I now believe is the best way possible - by running the trails. From exploring tunnels with amazing graffiti art, to conquering the iconic Flume Trail, to whitewater rafting, Run Tahoe was one of the best trips of my life that continually had me looking around in awe of where I was. The guides handled every detail so that I could relax and enjoy the view. I can’t wait to go on my next Rogue Expeditions trip!
— Jordan Cooper
If you love exploring and appreciating God’s canvas while hiking, running or walking, then put one of these trips on your list. TWO THUMBS UP for every detail Gabe & Allison rock. The meals, routes, locations, food,& EVERYTHING was WONDERFUL!
— Lisa Effren
I went with Rogue Expeditions to Tahoe the summer of 2014 and it was one of the best trips I have ever been on. Allison and Gabe are fantastic hosts, guides, cooks, drivers, running partners and friends. They take care of everything so that all you need to do is show up, run, eat, drink a beer, play games, sleep and repeat! its like a summer camp for grown ups. To top it off you get to leave Austin in the middle of the summer and go some place where you need a jacket....enough said.
— Cameron Gage
My husband and I went with Rogue to Tahoe this summer, and we had a blast. The trip was really inclusive for runners of all levels. I was able to do all five of the runs, and I have only run one half marathon in my life. You can run (or hike) at your own pace. The scenery was spectacular, while the lake-side accommodations are very nice. The food was excellent especially the Tex-Mex offerings, which included breakfast tacos. We also got to go canoeing and stand-up paddleboarding, as well as hang out on two beaches. I am already plotting to go on one of the Bend trips in 2016.
— Katharine M.


British Columbia was my fifth trip with Rogue Expeditions, and it was first Rogue’s BC trip. Thus, the excitement and anticipation of a brand new destination was combined with the sense of confidence that RE will once again deliver an unforgettable experience. And yes, this trip delivered on both accounts: Bella Coola Valley was breathtakingly beautiful, the trip details were meticulously planned and smoothly executed, and the atmosphere was, as always, friendly, intimate, and relaxed. The running itinerary was challenging, and yet not overwhelming, and everyone’s ability level was accommodated. I left with amazing memories, new friendships created, and old ones rekindled. I can’t wait for my next adventure with Rogue Expeditions!
— Aleksandra L.
I’m no stranger to Rogue Expeditions (RE), so while I can confidently say that all of their trips take you off the beaten path, Run BC takes this concept to the next level. I think I can count on one hand the total number of people outside of RE folks that we saw on the trails in BC for the entire trip. This trip embraces true wilderness in a fun “summer camp” sort of way. Sure, we ran through incredible scenery, but RE also added in rafting, canoeing and camping....yet with all of the gourmet food they flew into our camp site, it’s hard to say we ever really “roughed it.” I’d do this trip again in a second.
— Jenny T.


What an amazing trip! I can’t say enough about the beautiful country of Ireland and how running is the best way to enjoy it. Sean and Allison truly made this trip wonderful and encouraged all of us to push past our limits. Thank you so much to them for marking the routes and helping us along through the tough parts. The food and pubs were so much fun!
— Alicia D.
This was a trip of a lifetime. Rogue Expeditions does it right, in every way possible. Each day, the run just got more scenic and the food more delicious. The guides were incredibly professional and knowledgeable. Definitely going back!
— Mallory B.
If you can walk you can do this trip, it is for anyone with a sense of adventure and fun !!
Endurance Ireland (clue is in the title) from bogs to exhilarating climbs with panoramic views, every day was different, expertly organised and calmly executed. We scrambled our way to the top of the highest mountain, legged it along the cliffs, and jogged it out along the beach.
Local guides entertained and educated us in folk lore and facts. Cultural challenges kept our brains fresh, even if our feet were definitely not ! The food experiences were perfectly balanced: we took afternoon Tea, freshly baked scones, cream and Jam at the farm, devoured delicious traditional wholesome Irish food in the local pub and (my favourite) tasted local fresh sea catch at harbour restaurants. Much of the food washed down with Guinness and a little Whiskey to end the trip for those that partake :-)
— Christina B.
Believe the hype in these testimonials. They are reflective of what to expect - thoughtfully crafted experiences by dedicated outdoor and running enthusiasts. It’s not just the running. Allison, Gabe and Sean have put you somewhere you want to be before you knew you wanted to be there. Nature speaks for herself, but these folks bring you to the best bits of the conversation. You will never forget the views for the rest of your life.

But it’s also the running. Just when you think you won’t be able to put up the seemingly big numbers day after day, you do. No chip timing or focus on negative splits or worry about a good workout. In fact you may never run more slowly if only to take in what a stunning place you have found yourself. And then the miles are suddenly complete and you are drinking a pint with a great group of people. Your body goes forward and your heart is light and you can only wonder when do you get to do another trip.
— Kerynne O.


I’ll need more than 5 stars to rate my “runcation” in Morocco with the amazing Rogue Expeditions crew! It was the perfect blend of culture, running, incredible scenery, delicious food and a great group of like-minded travelers who are now my friends. Looking forward to signing up for my next Rogue Expedition!
— Liz Sponagle
Wow — Is truly the ONLY way I could describe my experience with Rogue Expeditions in Morocco! Allison and Sean were a perfect duo with the right sense of humor. The trip was smooth, brainless, and the pictures I captured were jaw dropping. Being able to wake up, be fed, have a run already mapped out, and lunch waiting was the EXACT itinerary I dream of. HIGHLY ENCOURAGE all people to experience this.
— Nicolette C.
I traveled alone to a continent I’d never been to to run with a bunch of people I’d never met and had an absolutely amazing time. Everyone was fun and friendly, the places we stayed in were wonderful and we ran in truly awesome locations. Allison, Gabe, James, Hamid and the rest of the Moroccan crew did a fantastic job of keeping everything running smoothly and made sure I had ample vegan food at every meal. I would recommend a Rogue trip to any runner who wants to explore and really experience a new place!
— Nancy Thomas
I just returned home from my 4th Rogue Expedition trip! Second time to Morocco with Rogue and next trip already planned. Two years ago I took a chance with Rogue Expeditions and haven’t looked back.

As always the trip was well organized. The running incredible and the people awesome! I ran more mileage in a week then I have ever done but when your views are breathtaking the miles fly by easily. I’m not sure how Allison, Gabe and Sean do it but every trip is better then the last.

Can’t wait for my next adventure with Rogue!
— Lindy R.
Had a blast. The whole trip from start to finish was expertly organized and executed. Getting the opportunity to run with such a great bunch of people in a setting that would otherwise be impossible for me to access was an experience like no other. 10/10 Guys.
— Nick B.
It’s hard to know where to start, this trip was so wonderful! The scenery, the food, the company.
I can’t recommend Run Morocco enough! I improved my running, inspired by the efforts of Allison and Anna and surprised myself at the amount of miles I could run. The team encouraged, spoiled and looked after us, preparing delicious food and driving us between locations, even performing a mini campfire concert in the Sahara! The accommodation was gorgeous. I’m already saving up for my next Rogue trip!

The trip was so well organised and the effort put in by the whole crew is amazing. Thank you so much Allison, Gabe, Anna, Braz, Hamid and the whole Run Morocco Crew!
— Meadhbh D.
I had limited expectations when I arrived in Morocco. Foolishly, I didn’t have a whole lot of homework done regarding Rogue Expeditions or Run Morocco. However, I got lucky! From first minute to last I was treated to a really great holiday - care, comfort, weather, scenery, local cuisine, lovely company and some great laughs. I would highly recommend this trip to even those only mildly interested. Go for it - you will not regret it!
— Garrett M.
Rogue Expeditions was truly an adventure of a lifetime and a one of a kind experience. I feel so fortunate to have experienced such a beautiful and amazing place with such wonderful people. Allison, Gabe and one of the new Morocco trip leaders James have helped me cultivate great relationships and make lifelong friends. Our local guides were extremely personable, knowledgable, wonderful & loving people. We were treated like family and felt so safe with our local guides. I look forward to going on my next Rogue Expeditions trip and have already let Allison and Gabe know that they can expect to see me on many other Rogue Expeditions trips in the future. The only down side of the trip was I did not want to come back home and leave all the wonderful new people I met on the trip. If you are reading reviews, you are already interested in a trip like this., SO GO DO IT and do not waste anytime. Take your friends, take your family, make new friends and new family!! I can not wait until I get to see my Rogue Expeditions family again, the countdown has begun.
— Jacob Garcia
Went on the Morocco trip last November 2016 and had an absolute amazing time. All of the Rogue team were so helpful and thoughtful in so many ways !! Everything about the trip was planned with a bit of wiggle room to add in or change bits depending on our abilities as runners.

The running was suited to all levels with the team there to monitor and help everyone so slowing down or chilling for a bit when getting tired or sore was never a problem.

Accommodation and and fun on the off days made trip and excellent holiday and will certainly be back with Rogue and all the team again.

Looking forward to the next one, thanks guys!!!
— Ken O.
Wow. All I can say is wow. I’m sitting here, back home after an AMAZING time in Morocco with Rogue Expeditions and trying to put into words how incredible this trip was. Allison, Gabe, and Hamid have created an atmosphere that allows for adventure, experience of culture as well as rest and relaxation. There is so much value in having Rogue Expeditions as a guide in travel while all I have to do is wake up, make sure my bag is packed for the next destination, and the rest is taken care of. As a working professional, this is exactly what I needed. Thank you for a life changing trip!
— Jordan Dodds
This trip was about so much more than just running. There were lots of miles to run and get some good workouts in. But the overall experience is so rich everyday, that’s what will stand out big time in my memories. Every day is different, and every night you feel amazed at all that you just did in a single day. We are big travellers and also love to run races while traveling, but there’s no way we could have arranged and planned the incredible experience that we just went through on the Gorges and Sahara trip in Morocco. Would recommend it big time to anyone who likes adventure travel!
— Jon S.
If you are looking for an outdoor adventure in an amazing culture with incredible guides, this trip is for you!
— Diane B.
I enjoy group adventures. I like meeting new people, exploring new cultures together with others, and physical activity. Rogue Expedition was truly special as the whole trip felt like a close knit group of friends from the beginning. And that included the local staff, the hotel staff, and even some local families. The relationship that RE staff built with locals made a world of difference, which is why I am excited and look forward to more RE trips!
— Moose Malloy
The seven best runs of my life! Allison and Gabe and their Moroccan crew provided a wonderful, exotic experience immersing us in the local landscape. We had it all–breathtaking scenery, scrumptious food, Saharan music, life-changing runs, and OMG the orange juice!!!
— Emily Hathaway
People have a tendency to look at me sideways when I told them I went on a “running expedition” to Morocco. And honestly, I thought I might have been crazy, too. But this was without a doubt the BEST vacation. From the guides, to the accommodations, to the chefs, to the scenery, this was an incredible way to be immersed in another culture & really get to relax (yes...relax while running!) & see the countryside. From the High Atlas Mountains to the coast, we got to explore some of the most authentic parts of Morocco, and we’ve made life-long friends to boot!
I can’t even end it with something as cliché as the “vacation of a lifetime,” because I’ll be back for more!
— Elle Klein
It was a fantastic trip to Morocco (Oct 2016): a nice group of runners from all over the globe, excellent running guides, a friendly Moroccan crew (drivers and cooks) that prepared the most delicious meals, good hotels, ...
A fantastic way to combine some country exploration with physical exercise, I can only highly recommend it! A big thanks again to Allison, Gabe, Anna, Braz and the whole group!
— Tom B.
Allison and her team lead such a wonderful trip. My husband and I recently did Morocco, Oases and Sahara, and it was so well organized. The local guides, Hamid, Houssein, and the local team were so easy going, spoke English very very well, educational, and helpful. Although there is quite a bit of drive time on this trip, Rogue Expeditions did such a great job of making sure we stopped in the cars often to stretch our legs, use the restroom, and have plenty of opportunities to grab snacks, drinks, or souveniers. The running was absolutely stunning, regardless of all the different runner’s levels, speeds, and distances. I never felt unsafe, there was support the whole way. I also enjoyed making friends that I will keep in touch with long after Morocco. This trip was one for the books, with so many wonderful memories made. I highly recommend traveling and running with RE.
— Sally Ng
EPIC experience! Well executed trip, safe and secure at all times, wonderful guides, new bonds, experiences, best running high. I kept saying I can’t believe we are here, right now! I don’t know how it could have been better! So surprise me and I’ll sign up again and again and again…People sign up! Why would you not! What are you waiting for?
This trip was all that I’d hoped for and more! It allowed me to explore a beautiful country (Morocco) with the utmost ease. Allison and her team did all the planning so that everyday I just had to wake up, run in a beautiful place, eat delicious food, and then relax with good company and wine in the evening. Rogue Expeditions — I’ll be back to explore other parts of the world with you!
— Helen Dole
This is more like a vacation than anything else I’ve ever done. Not only are you not on a lame tour bus, you get to bond with a small group of people while experiencing the culture like a local in Morocco. If you would have told me pre-trip that I would run more than 60 miles in a week, I probably would have laughed in your face. It doesn’t matter how fast or slow you run, I PROMISE. There were two days where I didn’t run at all because I didn’t feel like it. Don’t let the fact that this is a “running expedition” keep you from experiencing this amazing country. Gabe, Allison (and all our guides) - thank you for the best trip I’ve ever had. You guys don’t suck.
— Brent Garrison
Words cannot do justice to this awesome experience. The runs were amazing, and the sights rendered me speechless most of the time! It was an epic adventure in every sense, and I will never forget it. Many thanks to Gabe and Allison for a wonderful experience!
Warning!! Once you go Rogue Expeditions you won’t go back. The laughs shared, the people you will meet, the expert level of planning and execution that went into this trip… you just can’t find that anywhere else. THANK YOU
Thank both you and Gabe so much for such an amazing and wonderful trip. It was truly awesome and I would not change one single thing. I really look forward to being a part of many more Rogue adventures!”
— Victoria Nickell
To Allison, Rogue, and all the amazing people who made this the best adventure in my LIFE, words hardly seems to express how I feel.
— Troy Carter


This is my second trip with Rogue Expeditions and there isn’t enough room here for me to tell you everything that exceeded my expectations but I will try. Bend is beautiful and Gabe and Allison clearly scouted the best trails for us ahead of time. The accommodations were an 11 on a 1-10 scale. The best part of these trips are the people. I knew one person pretty well before I got there and I left with five more great friends. There is s something about a group of like minded runners who jump into a trip with other strangers....magic happens and relationships are created. If your worried about keeping up or distance, don’t. Gabe and Allison make your experience just right whether you are a flat belly or a more rounded belly like me. Thanks Rogue Expeditions for another great adult running summer camp!!!
— Cameron Gage
2nd Rogue Expeditions trip and running! The perfect and best domestic getaway trip I have experienced. Well-executed in all aspects of a trip: running, lodging, location, food and friends! Once again Allison and Gabe go above and beyond to give you an incredible runcation experience!
— Annette Villareal
I’ve been to Morocco (twice!) and now Bend with Allison and Gabe and I wouldn’t have it any other way. They know how to experience nature and also how to later relax and enjoy the company of others. I can’t wait for our next adventure with them.
— Trey Kirk
Need at least 6 stars to adequately rate trips by Rogue Expeditions! This is my third trip and each exceeds the previous one in every aspect. If everything were as great as Rogue Expeditions then the world would be a perfect place.
— Nedra Bray


Run Alpe Adria, my second Rogue Expeditions trip, greatly exceeded my very high expectations. The variety in the scenery, geography, lodging, dining and trails was amazing. One day we woke up on a Croatian island in the Adriatic sea and went to sleep in a cabin in the Slovenian Alps! We experienced so much - wine tasting, river rafting, boat rides, sampling at a culinary market, petting cows and goats. The food was amazing. The trip could have been billed as a culinary tour with a side of running. On top of being a weak runner, I was battling a nagging injury, but accommodations were made for me and I feel I did not miss out at all. The local guides were so fun and a highlight of the trip. Go.
— Stephanie N.
The Alpe-Adria trip was a wonderful experience. Gabe and Allison put together an itinerary that took us to the best parts of Croatia and Slovenia . . . rugged coastlines, peaceful lakes, cobblestoned villages, and alpine retreats. The accommodations were unique and the food and wine were delicious! The highlights for me were running through the Bovec valley and across the beautiful Soca River, sitting on the rocks and watching the sunset over the Adriatic, eating all the amazing black truffle dishes at Malo Selo, and cooling off after the runs in the rivers and lakes. Sooo many great memories. Thank you Rogue Expeditions – you’ll definitely see me again!
— Katie Zarzana

If you want to see all the tourist things most people see at these destinations, these trips are not for you. These trips are for people who love to run and want a more intimate experience in the countries. I’ve done two trips: Morocco Sahara and Alpe-Adria Slovenia and I love these trips as I’m the kind of person who prefers an active vacation as opposed to sun bathing by the pool.
You run as much as you want but be prepared for sumptuous meals made by locals and nights drinking good wine making new friends. Be prepared for spectacular views whether you are running through small Moroccan villages near the Sahara or by sleepy Croatian resorts on the Adriatic. Accommodations are excellent and the guides provide a close connection to the countries being visited.
Running wise the trips are different with Alpe-Adria having more mountain trails and Morocco having more roads runs. Non-running activities will vary based on the destination. In Morocco there were visits to a pottery co-op. In Croatia we jumped off a boat for a swim in the Adriatic.
These vacations are part adventure, part sight-seeing, and part lavish eating.
— Minh D.
The Slovenia & Croatia trip was my third with Roque Expeditions. There will be many more with the group. I am so impressed with the travel, the food, the friendships created, (the wine)... and yes, even the running. I have had many of my friends ask me about my last trip and no matter what I say or how many beautiful pictures that I show them, I cannot do justice to the spirit of what we experience. I can’t wait for the next one!
— James Allen