She Hit Refresh Morocco Retreat FAQs

Why Morocco?

Morocco holds is a special location for She Hit Refresh, as it is where co-founders Cepee and Annette’s friendship started in 2014 while participating in a Rogue Expedition trip. Their time in Morocco was a profound experience that gave them a new perspective and prompted their own personal “refreshes” in life. It only made sense to unite a group of women looking to create a big change in their life through travel to this magical destination. 

Additionally, Morocco is one of the most beautiful and welcoming countries in Northern Africa. It boasts a rich and colorful culture and a range of breathtaking scenery that provides a foundation for an unforgettable experience. Morocco is a safe, affordable, and a unique destination that we will be able to comfortably explore and feel inspired by. 


Who should attend this retreat?

If you’re looking to break free from routine and start a life of travel or even if you have already done so, this retreat is for you. 

You’ll be joining a group of like-minded women, 30 years and older, who understand what it’s like to feel stuck in routine and responsibility and are ready to make a change. We’ve been in your shoes and understand the doubts, fears, questions and dreams you have about “hitting refresh” later in life.

We will unite for a week of introspection and inspiration with a focus on working through our ideas and refresh options. If you’re in need of advice, resources, and motivation to make your deep desire for change into reality then then this is the retreat for you!


What’s included in the trip cost?
The trip price includes pre-trip communication & guidance, airport transfers, all accommodation, all breakfasts and dinners, one lunch, coffee/tea/juice with breakfasts, water, transportation, drivers, a city tour, cooking class, guided High Atlas hike, experienced logistics team and, most importantly, daily group workshops & skill sessions led by She Hit Refresh. In short, just about everything is covered from the moment you land until the moment you leave!


What isn’t included in the trip cost?
The cost does not include flight, alcohol, all but one lunch, tips or personal purchases (and trust us, you will find things to buy in Morocco!) 


What will the hotels be like?
Each night will be spent in 3-and 4-star riads (courtyard houses) and restored kasbahs. You can expect beautiful, spotless rooms, comfortable beds, private bathrooms, traditional Moroccan decor and phenomenal hospitality all within walking distance to the city or village center.

What is the weather like?
Perfect! Expect clear nights with temperatures around 50F / 10C (cooler in the mountains, a bit warmer on the coast) and bright, sunny days with high temperatures around 80F/25C and little to no humidity.


Can I have my own room at hotels?
Because we prioritize unique, intimate accommodation, there are a limited number of rooms at each property and we can only offer shared rooms. If an opportunity for a private room becomes available we will make sure that you are told about it!


What sort of food will we be eating?
We will eat healthy, fresh, traditional Moroccan meals throughout the trip. A typical breakfast will include a spread of just-baked, clay-oven bread, pastries, local fruit jam, butter, cheese, eggs, fruit, coffee, mint tea and (literally) fresh-squeezed OJ. Dinners feature tajine – chicken, beef or lamb simmered in a clay vessel with an assortment of vegetables and spices –  and couscous dishes along with fresh bread, olives, light soup and fresh fruit. You won’t go hungry! Most special diets can be accommodated.


What sort of vehicles will we be traveling in?
We will be traveling in a private, well-maintained minibus with a professional driver.


Is it safe?
Very.  Morocco is an extremely welcoming and friendly place, and one of the most relaxed and accepting Islamic countries in the world. As long as you exercise the same common sense you’d use anywhere (ie don’t flash lots of cash or expensive items in tourist areas), you’ll be fine. Hospitality is king in Morocco; our local team has worked with us for many years and they take the utmost care of our clients and their well-being.


What should I pack?
Packing light will make everything easier for you, and a detailed packing list will be provided upon registration. Though there is no need to cover your hair or wear the hijab (many Moroccan women choose not to), we do encourage you to dress conservatively and respectfully, avoiding shorts, short skirts and tank tops. Short sleeves are fine and a pair of light, loose pants or a long skirt are perfect for warm days. 


Is alcohol allowed?
Yes, alcohol is allowed. Though most Moroccans do not drink alcohol and it can be difficult to find outside of the cities, it is by no means a banned substance and it is plenty acceptable for foreigners to enjoy adult beverages (just not in view of a mosque). You will have the opportunity to ‘stock up’ in Marrakech – the supermarkets have a great selection of liquor, beer and wine.


What are the tipping customs?

Tips are optional, but culturally appropriate in many situations. We recommend a tip of 10-20dh ($1-2) per person for dinner waitstaff as well as 1000dh ($100) as a general guideline to cover your local drivers/guides who will be taking care of you for the week. We will take a group collection on the last night for those who would like to contribute to our team.


Is this a She Hit Refresh retreat, or a Rogue Expeditions trip?

Well, it’s both! The workshops and overall content are designed by SHR and the ultimate focus of the week is to gather a group of women together with the intent of inspiring and empowering each other to make big changes in their lives. The logistics are all handled by the Rogue Expeditions team, who have seven years of experience organizing trips in Morocco; they are the ones handling the bookings, the meals, the transport and generally ensuring that you can relax, be present and enjoy the experience of a lifetime. Don't worry - there is NO running built into the schedule!


If I change my mind or something comes up, can I cancel?
We know that life happens, and on occasion a participant will have to back out of a trip. As most of our costs are paid well in advance, we have set a cancellation policy that applies to all trips. Travel insurance is highly recommended to cover potential cancellations on your part.

If you cancel:

●     Within 30 days of signup: Full refund
●     90+ days from the trip start date (but after the 30 day grace period): Deposits are non-refundable
●     61-90 days from the trip start date: 50% of total payment refunded**
●     60 days or less from the trip start date: No refunds

**This only applies to participants who have paid their balances on time. If you do not pay the balance by the due date and cancel after the fact, your deposit is non-refundable.

How do I sign up?
You can do that here! A $500 deposit will reserve your spot, and balances are due 3 months prior to the trip start date. Spots are first-come, first-serve.

Though we don't anticipate any problems hitting the minimum number of participants, please do not book your flight until you receive confirmation from us that the trip is a go (which we'll do as soon as we hit the minimum!).

All questions can be sent to