She Hit Refresh: Morocco is a seven day small-group retreat and immersive travel experience designed for women over the age of 30 who are interested in or actively seeking a way to break free from their routine and begin a life of travel. 

This retreat is led by the She Hit Refresh team and aims to connect like-minded women for a powerful week packed with inspirational discussions, beneficial skill-share sessions and workshops focused upon tangible, real-world “refresh” strategies. And because the best catalyst for travel is to travel, the setting for this retreat – a mix of city, mountain village and coastline in magical Morocco – is intended to provide participants with unforgettable travel experiences, a broadened world-view and the inspiration to embark upon big, meaningful life changes.

**Please note that this is NOT a running trip. The Rogue Expeditions team will be handling all logistics for the She Hit Refresh team and providing a seamless, well-organized experience that allows participants to simply show up and immerse themselves in the experience.


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