People have a tendency to look at me sideways when I told them I went on a “running expedition” to Morocco. But this was without a doubt the BEST vacation. From the guides, to the accommodations, to the chefs, to the scenery, this was an incredible way to be immersed in another culture & really get to relax (yes...relax while running!) & see the countryside. We got to explore some of the most authentic parts of Morocco, and made life-long friends to boot!
I can’t even end it with something as cliché as the “vacation of a lifetime,” because I’ll be back for more!
— Elle K


Off the beaten track: Rogue Expeditions is heading to Morocco to run and explore the High Atlas mountains and rugged coastline of this beautiful and welcoming country.

You will explore the famed alpine trails of the High Atlas Mountains, high-five local kids as you run through remote Berber villages, test your bargaining skills in the souks and soak in laid back beach town vibes.You will be treated to incredibly fresh, local Moroccan food at each and every meal, comfortable, unique accomodation each evening and will even have the chance to try your hand at surfing if you’d like!

The runs are guided and vehicle-supported, ensuring that cheers, water and a ride are always nearby and that you never have to run more or less than desired. When we say all levels are welcome, we mean it!

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