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BASED IN: AUSTIN, TX (but is on the road most of the time)

I’ve been a mileage junkie since the age of 15 when I was convinced to join my high school cross country team. That decision led to a life built around running: a successful collegiate career, 2012 and 2016 Olympic Marathon Trials qualifiers (currently competing for Skechers Performance), a Leadville 100 finish, a job with Rogue Running and, of course, the founding of Rogue Expeditions.

Around the same time that I began running, I also boarded my first airplane (for a half marathon, of course!). Wanderlust hit hard with that first trip to Alaska and continued to build with a visit to Germany in college. I ended up graduating early to facilitate a backpacking trip around Europe, then, after a short stint in a “real job,” headed to Thailand with Gabe in 2008. We spent a year working and traveling through Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, Malaysia, Burma and Singapore before reluctantly returning home. The years since have taken me throughout Mexico, Canada, Morocco, Spain, Kenya, Tanzania, Chile, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia and all over the US (yes, we live in an RV these days!).

For me, travel is the only love that rivals that of running, and I truly believe that both endeavors are life-changing in so many ways. I cannot think of anything in the world I’d rather be doing than combining the two and sharing it with others through Rogue Expeditions!