What kind of trips does Rogue Expeditions offer?
All of our trips are running-centric, allowing participants to enjoy fully supported runs in places that they would be unlikely to run on their own. We give clients the full experience of the place, diving into the culture, food and history while enjoying the chance to see out-of-the-way places as very few do – on foot. Every detail is taken care of, from the incredible meals featuring local cuisine and unique, comfortable hotels & guesthouses to the route selection and full support during the runs.

How far do I have to be able to run?
There is no set requirement for most trips, but we recommend that you be comfortable with daily running, or at least walking, for the best experience. Many runs will take place en route to the next destination, and vehicle support is often available should you be ready for a break. Other runs will be set up as out/back routes, and you can self-select your distance.  The maximum daily distances vary depending upon the specific trip, but we can generally accommodate everyone, no matter how far they want to go. Rest days are built in, and you are always welcome to take another day off if you choose - this is your runcation! The only exception is Endurance Adventure, in which participants are expected to take on the full distance each day (130km/80 miles in 5 days).

What sort of terrain will we be running on?
The terrain varies drastically by destination, but we aim to keep all of our runs enjoyable, avoiding extremely technical footing and high-traffic areas. You'll often see pavement, dirt roads & trail all within the same trip. See the trip-specific FAQs for more details.

What will we do when we aren’t running?
When we aren’t running, we have plenty to see and do!  There will often be a significant amount of drive time, with well-timed breaks and photo stops. Each trip works incorporates plenty of sight-seeing, cultural immersion and educational experiences, and the evenings are full of indulgent dinners, story-swapping and plenty of relaxation time.

What are the hotels like?
Accommodation style varies by destination, but all are clean, comfortable, unique and offer top-notch hospitality. We choose family-run establishments whenever possible to help support local economies and to ensure a memorable, culturally-rich stay. Some trips include stays in private houses or cabins – see trip-specific FAQs for more details.

Can my non-runner spouse/friend come too?
Absolutely! Though it will mean more time spent in a vehicle, the panoramas along the way can entertain for days, and only a relatively small portion of each day will be spent on the run. They will still get to enjoy plenty of sightseeing, cultural immersion and relaxation (as long as they don’t mind hanging out with a group of runners!). They are also welcome and encouraged to walk during the run portions of the day.

What if I’m traveling alone?
Solo travelers are welcome and make up the majority of our clients on Rogue Expeditions trips! Rates are based on double-occupancy, though private room upgrades are available for most trips. Otherwise, we will place you with a same-sex roommate prior to departure.

What is included in the trip cost?
All trip prices include pre-trip communication & guidance, airport transfers, all accommodation, all meals/snacks, water, in-country transportation, drivers, all applicable sightseeing expenses, experienced guides, organized,supported runs and a Rogue Expeditions shirt. In short, just about everything is covered from the moment you land until the moment you leave!

What isn’t included in the trip cost?
Trip prices do not include international flights, alcohol, tips, visas (if applicable) or personal purchases.

Why don’t you include the flight?
Though it would be ideal to have all participants travel together, in reality we have many runners coming from different places, and many who want to arrive early and/or stay longer for additional travels. We do provide plenty of guidance when it comes to booking your flight, and do our best to make it as simple as possible for participants.

What sort of food will we be eating?
Food will vary by destination, but all trips feature local cuisine. We put an emphasis on healthy, fresh, filling meals & snacks and will see to it that no one goes hungry! Special diets can be accommodated. See trip-specific FAQs for more details.

What should I pack?
This will also vary by destination, but packing light is always encouraged! A detailed packing list will be provided to all participants well before departure for each trip.

What are the tipping customs?
For international trips, tipping customs vary by country. We provide specific guidance and take a group collection when it comes to the local team (drivers, cooks, etc) involved with your trip, while tips for Rogue Expeditions trip leaders are at your discretion. Domestically, our Rogue Expeditions guides handle all aspects of the trip (cooking, cleaning, driving, etc) and while tips are not expected, they are very much appreciated from those who enjoy their experience.

If I change my mind or something comes up, can I cancel?
We know that life happens, and on occasion a participant will have to back out of a trip. As most of our costs are paid well in advance, we have set a cancellation policy that applies to all trips.

If you cancel:

  • Within 30 days of signup: Full Refund (if you pay by credit card we retain a 2.9% processing fee each way)
  • 121+ days from the trip start date (but after the 30 day grace period): Deposits are non-refundable
  • 61-120 days from the trip start date: 50% of total payment refunded**
  • 60 days or less from the trip start date: No refunds

**This only applies to participants who have paid their balances on time. If you do not pay the balance by the due date and cancel after the fact, we will retain your full deposit

Can I switch to another trip?

If you wish to transfer your deposit from one trip to another you must notify us at least 120 days prior to your original departure date.  A fee of $150 per person will apply and will be deducted from your original deposit.  If you notify us less than 120 days prior to the proposed departure date the refund policy applicable to cancellations will apply. 

How do I sign up for a trip?
Visit the page for the trip that you are interested in for full details and a button that will direct you to sign up. All trips have a limited number of spots, and a deposit secures one for you. Information on due dates for both deposits and balances can be found on each trip page.

How can I keep up with what is going on with Rogue Expeditions?

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