Why here?
Because Ireland is everything that you imagine it to be: dramatic coastal cliffs, lively pubs, crumbling castles, moody weather, astoundingly green hills, rich traditions, cozy BnBs and warm, hospitable locals that will leave you feeling right at home no matter where you roam. Though they may seem small at first glance, the mountains are rugged, steep and covered in ridge lines that beg to be run - anyone who ventures up is sure to be challenged, humbled and greatly rewarded with spectacular views.

What’s included in the trip cost?
The trip price includes pre-trip communication & guidance, airport pickup on the start date, airport drop-off on the finish date, all accommodation, all meals & snacks from lunch on the first day until breakfast on the final day, transportation, drivers, experienced guides from both Rogue Expeditions and Fuego y Agua Endurance, organized runs, organized cultural challenges, all scheduled sightseeing entry fees/boat tickets/etc and an Endurance Adventure Ireland shirt. In short, just about everything is covered from the moment you land until the moment you leave!

What isn’t included in the trip cost?
The cost does not include flight, transport to our first-day meeting spot for those already in Dublin, alcohol, tips or personal purchases/extra activities.

Why isn’t the flight included?
Airfare is not included in the price. Let’s be honest, we are all unique and your schedules (and originating airport!) are no exception.   Come early, stay late.  Participants will be responsible for booking their travel arrangements and ensuring that they arrive and depart according to the specific instructions for your chosen itinerary. Suggestions and guidance will be provided once you are signed up.

How far do I have to be able to run?
Endurance Adventure participants will cover 60-70 miles/95-115km in 6 days, though the terrain is the real challenge - expect somewhere between 12-14,000 ft / 3600-4200m of elevation gain for the week. Though an ultra running background is not necessarily required, you will want to ensure that you have strong distance running abilities and some experience with mountainous terrain and conditions. Experienced marathoners should be able to handle the volume, but should also bring along a strong sense of adventure - expect a lot of the "running" to feel more like hiking!

What sort of terrain will we be running on?
The terrain will be a mix of single track trail, off-trail grass, a bit of pavement & gravel roads and definitely a lot of bog. Expect mud, and expect big climbs (with the occasional scramble required)! You are strongly encouraged to pack both road and trail shoes; not only will they help with the varied terrain, but it also gives you a backup pair when the other needs to dry out. 

What time of day will be be running?
The time of day will vary depending on where we are, where we’re headed and also weather conditions. We lean heavily towards morning runs, but there may be a couple of late morning or early afternoon starts if weather dictates it. The key is to just relax and roll with it – it’s not about “getting it in,” but rather about exploring a brand new place each day!

What will we do when we aren’t running?
In short, we'll experience Ireland! Participants on this trip do much more than just pass through, and most days will also incorporate some sort of culturally relevant challenge or activity - you may find yourself wrangling sheep, repairing a stone fence, pouring the perfect pint or any number of other tasks. Of course there will also be some sightseeing, some epic drives and plenty of opportunity for the most Irish activity of all - catching live music and sipping Guinness in the nearest pub.

Can my non-runner spouse/friend come too?
It's not recommended for this trip, as most of the runs will be multi-hour affairs and the entire day will be structured around that; a non-runner would find themselves spending a lot of time waiting around. That said, everything is open for discussion - if you want to talk through the options, just drop a note to Allison at

What will the hotels be like?
The accommodation will be a mix of mid-range bed & breakfast and lodge or upmarket hostel-style, often with a view and nearly always within walking distance to the town or village center. We use unique, family-run establishments whenever possible for an authentic experience with local impact; you can expect clean, cozy, welcoming places each night, and two people to a room.

What is the weather like?
Ireland's weather is famous for its unpredictability, but it's rarely extreme. September is generally mild (highs in the 60s, lows in the 50s) and offers a good chance for sunshine, though you should expect to experience bouts of fog, rain and wind at some point as well. Pack with layers in mind, and don't let bad weather bother you - it's part of the experience, and it'll most likely change completely a few minutes later!

Can I have my own room at hotels?
Due to the size and unique nature of most of our accommodation, single rooms are not available for this trip. If an opportunity for a single room opens up, we will make it available to registered participants. Trip pricing is based on double occupancy and solo travelers will be placed with a same-sex roommate.

What sort of food will we be eating?
Irish cuisine typically features hearty comfort food that reflects the locally available ingredients and an often wet, chilly climate. Days will start with hearty Irish breakfasts (think eggs, sausages, toast, yogurt, fruit, muesli, etc) and lunches will be a mix of packed sandwiches, serve-yourself type picnic spreads and the occasional sit-down restaurant or cafe. In each destination we'll enjoy dinner in a local establishment - you'll generally find plenty of pub fare (stews, fish & chips, etc) along with salads, soups, pasta, etc in the smaller towns, and a wider selection in the larger towns.

What sort of vehicles will we be traveling in?
We will be traveling in clean, comfortable 9-person mini-buses with professional drivers.

What should I pack?
We’ll provide guidance and a detailed packing list after you sign up, but do note that both trail and road running shoes are recommended and that a hydration pack with enough room for extra layers and some food is required. A friendly reminder: packing light will make everything easier for you (and everyone else)!

How much should I tip?
Your entire trip will be spent with drivers and guides who will go above and beyond to create an unforgettable experience for everyone. Although tips are not expected, they are often given and always appreciated. The amount is completely up to you - there are no rules! - though €100-200 for the week is a good baseline suggestion. There will be an envelope provided on the last night where you can contribute to a group collection if you wish; any gratuities received will be split amongst the drivers and guides.

If I change my mind or something comes up, can I cancel?
We know that life happens, and on occasion a participant will have to back out of a trip. As most of our costs are paid well in advance, we have set a cancellation policy that applies to all trips. Travel insurance is highly recommended to cover potential cancellations on your part.

If you cancel:

  • Within 30 days of signup: Full refund (if you pay by credit card we retain a 2.9% processing fee each way)
  • 121+ days from the trip start date (but after the 30 day grace period): Deposits are non-refundable
  • 61-120 days from the trip start date: 50% of total payment refunded**
  • 60 days or less from the trip start date: No refunds

**This only applies to participants who have paid their balances on time. If you do not pay the balance by the due date and cancel after the fact, we will retain your full deposit

Can I switch to another trip?
If you wish to transfer your deposit from one trip to another you must notify us at least 120 days prior to your original departure date and you must use your credit within 12 months of your original departure date.  A fee of $150 per person will apply and will be deducted from your original deposit.  If you notify us less than 120 days prior to the proposed departure date the refund policy applicable to cancellations will apply. 

Is this a Rogue Expeditions trip, or a Fuego y Agua event?
It’s both! Endurance Adventure developed as a partnership between the two businesses, and is positioned somewhere between the “holiday” style of a typical Rogue Expeditions trip and the “brutality” style of FYAE events. Endurance Adventure is not designed for failure, but it is designed to be physically challenging and to offer a much more in depth immersion experience than a single day event can provide.

How do I sign up?
A $600 deposit will reserve your spot, and balances are due 4 months prior to the trip start date. Spots are limited, and are first come-first serve. Don’t wait!

Who should I contact for more info?
Feel free to contact Allison Macsas at with any questions!