From SIGN UP to GO TIME: What to expect when you register for a trip

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So you’ve browsed, wondered, Insta-stalked, dreamt and maybesomeday-ed enough, and today you’ve finally decided that it’s time. You’re going for it! Here’s how you make it happen, and what happens after that:

You’ve gotta get registered. Head back over to our website (yes, we know you’ve been lurking around it for awhile now) and click the “Sign Up” button on your chosen trip page. Assuming that it’s more than 3 months from the trip start date, choose “Deposit” and add it to your cart. If there are less than 3 months remaining until departure, then you’ll choose “Pay in Full.” Bringing along someone else? Update the quantity to “2.” Flying solo? Then you’re all set - click “Check out!”

Fill in basic personal and payment info, then answer a few questions about any special diet requirements, relevant medical conditions and your running abilities. Acknowledge the waiver then hit SUBMIT - you’re in! You’ll immediately receive an automated receipt with a message letting you know that we’ll begin group communication about 4 months out from the departure date, but that you’re welcome to send along questions at any time. If it’s already less than four months til go time, Gabe or Allison will get in touch with you within a few days (we aim to be quick, but sometimes we’re camped out in the Sahara or chasing whales in Patagonia or bagging peaks in Ireland with a group and can’t get right to it).

You’ll receive an email from either Gabe or Allison reminding you about your balance payment due date and giving you log in information to your trip Basecamp page, which houses the packing list, itinerary, some basic facts and cultural information about your destination, guide profiles, flight booking requirements and a place to submit those details once you are booked. You’ll also find a link to the group Facebook page, which is a closed group that provides a great place to share travel plans, ask general questions and “meet” others in the group before the trip begins (it later becomes a great place to share photos). Take a minute to jump over and introduce yourself!

Head back over to our website to pay your balance, if you haven’t already. This is also the time to register for a private room or early arrival if you want, so that we can make the appropriate bookings for you. Start looking for flight deals, and book when you see something that you like. Then, start the countdown (and give yourself permission to go buy any new gear that you, need)… time is officially flying!

(For those “occasional” runners among us, this is a good time to start getting back into it…)

Gabe or Allison will check in again via email, reminding you to submit your flight details if you haven’t yet and providing an update of the travel plans they’ve received so far. 

Final notes! We’ll confirm all of the arrival times and give you a detailed rundown of what to expect on arrival day - where we’ll meet you, where we’ll take you and what we have scheduled for you (other than a good night of sleep!). You’ll get a list of accommodation names in case you want to share it with someone at home (or just get a preview for yourself), a few last minute reminders and that’s that… go time is just around the corner!

Your last day at work is done, your flight is tomorrow - and you haven’t packed a thing! No worries, just pull up that packing list, throw it all in a bag, triple-check that you’ve got your passport, put your running shoes in your carry-on (pro-tip!) then try to suppress your excitement (and maybe some nervousness too) enough to get some sleep…

Get yourself and your luggage to the airport with plenty of time to spare, get to the gate, update your social media channel of choice to let everyone know about the exotic locale that you’re headed off to (you’re going there to run?! on vacation?! are you crazy?) then board the plane and get comfortable. We’ll be there to meet you on the other side!