Meet a Rogue Expeditions Runner: Kate Brun

What type of people go on Rogue Expeditions running trips? It seems that everyone worries that they'll either be too slow, or too fast. That the mileage will be too difficult, or not challenging enough. That they'll be too old, or too young. That the other people will be super serious running geeks who talk about nothing but training, or that the other people will all be there to take it reeeeeeally easy. That they'll be the only person who doesn't know anyone else.

In truth, there is no "type." The trips attract all sorts of backgrounds, all sorts of ability levels and all sorts of motivations for being there, and the beautiful thing is that it works for just about everyone! To prove it, we are highlighting a number of our runners using their own words. Read on to find out about the running background, pre-trip hesitations, favorite trip memories and most surprising realization of a Rogue Expeditions runner.

Today's feature is Kate Brun, who manages Big Peach Running Co. in Atlanta. Kate is one of those people who brings smiles, enthusiasm and an all-in attitude to pretty much every situation, including things like signing up for our running trips - she registered for her second before she'd even done her first!

Patagonia rest.jpg

Which trip did you do and when?
Patagonia, Feb 2017

Describe your running background:
I started running my junior year of high school after playing all kinds of sports growing up.  I was burned out and wanted to try something new.  I was hooked immediately and have run almost every day since.  Over the past 15+ years, I have participated in many races from 800m-100 miles. I used to be way more competitive with my running but now I run because I just absolutely love it.  It is very social, the best way to start my day, and my favorite way to explore new places.

How did you end up on that trip? What led you to the decision? 
I attended a trail running film festival a couple of years ago and there was a documentary about running in Patagonia.  It quickly made it to the top of my "bucket list" and I knew I had to go.  When I found out about Rogue Expeditions and discovered they had a trip there, it was an easy decision.

Any hesitations or uncertainties going into it? 
It was a pretty big commitment money wise and time wise off work but I knew it would totally be worth it.  Best decision ever!

Did you know anyone else in the group beforehand? How was it traveling with a group of strangers? 
I didn't know anyone beforehand.  I wasn't too worried since I am pretty easy going and get along with pretty much everyone.  I also knew that everyone would have a similar passion for running and exploring.  One of the best parts was getting to know everyone and making so many new friends.

What was your favorite run and why? 
There is no way I could pick a favorite.  Every run was spectacular and made the top of my best runs ever list.  The trek to Glacier Grey, Laguna Azul, the Towers were some of the most memorable miles, but all of them were amazing.

Food is a huge part of any travel experience. What was your favorite thing that you ate? 
The last night of the trip we had a huge goodbye dinner at Hotel las Torres.  They had an enormous spread which really hit the spot after our tough trek to the base of Torres del Paine.

Both travel and running have their ups and downs. What was your most challenging moment or issue during the trip? How did you overcome it? 
Gosh, I can't think of any challenges. Everything was taken care of and it was super easy to just go with the flow!

What surprised you the most about the experience?
How a group of strangers could bond so quickly.  I was able to get to know each and every person which was one of my favorite parts. We arrived as strangers but left as amazing friends with memories that will last forever.

"Runcation" vs a race: what do you think are some of the key similarities and differences? Or are they even comparable?
When I travel for races there is a lot stress about tapering, preparing for the race, and recovering. A "runcation" allows you to focus on the experience and scenery without the stress of a certain pace or time. You can eat, explore, and be as active as want every single day!  Much more fun for me! :)

Sum up your Rogue Expeditions experience in one sentence:
An adventure of a lifetime and ready for the next!