Meet a Rogue Expeditions runner: Jenny Truax

What type of people go on Rogue Expeditions running trips? It seems that everyone worries that they'll either be too slow, or too fast. That the mileage will be too difficult, or not challenging enough. That they'll be too old, or too young. That the other people will be super serious running geeks who talk about nothing but training, or that the other people will all be there to take it reeeeeeally easy. That they'll be the only person who doesn't know anyone else.

In truth, there is no "type." The trips attract all sorts of backgrounds, all sorts of ability levels and all sorts of motivations for being there, and the beautiful thing is that it works for just about everyone! To prove it, over the coming weeks we will be interviewing a number of our runners about their running background, pre-trip hesitations, favorite trip memories and most surprising revelations.

Today's feature is Jenny Truax from Golden, CO who initially told us she wasn't really a runner anymore, but now, three trips later, has earned back the title whether she likes it or not!

Which trips have you done and when?  
Run Kenya (October 2015), Run Patagonia (March 2016), Run Morocco, Mountains & Coast (March 2017)

Describe your running background: 
I ran competitively in high school and college way back in another lifetime.  Now I run for fitness and sanity.......and because I love nachos and beer.

How did you end up on your first Rogue Expeditions trip? What led you to the decision?
I met Allison and Gabe (Rogue co-founders) randomly at a brewery while vacationing in New Mexico.  We happened to sit next to each other and struck up a conversation.  They mentioned Rogue and I thought it was a cool concept, but I didn't initially see myself taking a running vacation....until I later discovered where they actually go.

Any hesitations or uncertainties going into it?  

Did you know anyone else in the group beforehand? How was it traveling with a group of strangers?  
I only knew Allison from our brief encounter 1 1/2 years earlier at the brewery.  No one was a stranger after about 48 hrs.  These trips draw in the coolest people and it makes it that much more special to get to know them and learn each of their unique stories.

What was your favorite run in each destination and why? 
Kenya: Hell's Gate National Park.  Some Kenyan runners that we met the day before took a bus for several hours to meet and run with us there.  These weren't the only locals we ran with that day....We also ran with zebras, water buffaloes (from a distance!), wart hogs, gazelles and baboons.  I actually cried tears of joy.  Afterward, we had lunch (with monkeys) and did a super cool hike in a gorge.  Later that evening, while walking back to our bungalow after dinner, Allison and I had to stop and wait out about nine giraffes that were hanging out in front of our room.  Ok, that was more than just the run, but hopefully you get the gist.

Patagonia: Cuernos Trail.  Mountains, blue lakes, glaciers and a very fun rolling trail.  Enough said.

Morocco: The first run above the town of Imlil in the High Atlas Mountains.  I ran with and got to know Jordan, another runner in our group.  It was absolutely gorgeous and baby goats and local children joined us.

Food is a huge part of any travel experience. What was your favorite thing that you ate in during each trip?

Kenya: ugali and mango juice

Patagonia: pisco sours!

Morocco: hearty tajine and addictive bread


Both travel and running have their ups and downs. What has been your most challenging moment or issue during a running trip? How did you overcome it?
I lost my wallet in a very remote area of Patagonia, which left me without any cash, debit or credit cards for a good chunk of the trip.  I was completely at the mercy of others until I returned home.  It was stressful, but the other runners (that I had just met) and guides were so generous and helpful that it quickly became a non-issue.  Although my wallet wasn't found, Gabe went out of his way to have someone radio (no cell service) back to our prior hotel and he also reviewed video footage with the hotel when we returned to try and track it down. 

Pick one trip. What surprised you the most about the experience?  
Patagonia- the whales!!

Runcation vs a race: what do you think are some of the key similarities and differences? Or are they even comparable?  
No comparison for me.  I intentionally gave up racing years ago.  I suppose they both offer self growth, but a runcation is the total package.

Sum up your Rogue Expeditions experience in one sentence:
Every Rogue adventure has something completely different to offer, but none of them will disappoint.  Be prepared to be transported...and transformed.