Meet a Rogue Expeditions Runner: Jarrod Freshour

What type of people go on Rogue Expeditions running trips? It seems that everyone worries that they'll either be too slow, or too fast. That the mileage will be too difficult, or not challenging enough. That they'll be too old, or too young. That the other people will be super serious running geeks who talk about nothing but training, or that the other people will all be there to take it reeeeeeally easy. That they'll be the only person who doesn't know anyone else.

In truth, there is no "type." The trips attract all sorts of backgrounds, all sorts of ability levels and all sorts of motivations for being there, and the beautiful thing is that it works for just about everyone! To prove it, we are highlighting a number of our runners using their own words. Read on to find out about the running background, pre-trip hesitations, favorite trip memories and most surprising realization of a Rogue Expeditions runner.

Today we're featuring Jarrod Freshour, the owner and head coach at MOVE Austin Fitness who, despite his claim that he doesn't really like running very much, ended up on three trips within a single year!

patagonia run.jpg

Which trips have you done and when?
Gorges & Sahara in Morocco (March 2013), Kenya (November 2013) and Patagonia (March 2014)

Describe your running background.
I wouldn’t call myself a runner. I prefer to sprint if I have a choice, but I love being outdoors and I love adventure. Running through beautiful scenery doesn’t seem like “running” to me. It feels like exploring. 

How did you end up on your first Rogue Expeditions trip? What led you to the decision?
My wife, Katy, received a newsletter about Morocco and I wanted to travel for my 30th birthday.  

Any hesitations or uncertainties going into it?
None really. I’m pretty trusting of people, and Gabe and Allison had already traveled the world and seemed to have their shit together. 

Did you know anyone else in the group beforehand? How was it traveling with a group of strangers?
We did not. We met some life long friends on that trip and actually went together as a group on two more RE trips.

What was your favorite run in each destination and why?
In Morocco, my favorite of all was the Sahara run - it was AMAZING!! In Patagonia, getting out to Glacier Grey, though I'm still sad that we didn’t get to do the glacier hike or the Towers (weather problems). In Kenya, running on the track in Iten! I loved seeing how “slow” I was against the Kenyan marathoners. 

Food is a huge part of any travel experience. What was your favorite thing that you ate in during each trip?
Morocco had the best food, hands down! Meat dessert [ie kefta], whaaaa!! Anything cooked in a tagine. Yum! My favorite meal in Patagonia was probably the picnic we had at the abandoned shipwreck beach. In Kenya, I was not super fond of the food. At the reserves they cater to the traveler which is nice, but you don't get to experience the culture through their food. 

Both travel and running have their ups and downs. What has been your most challenging moment or issue during a running trip? How did you overcome it?
Being on someone elses schedule and eating when everyone eats. I love my food and I like to eat when I’m ready!

Pick one trip. What surprised you the most about the experience?
Morocco. Hamid is amazing and everyone involved was amazing! 

Runcation vs a race: what do you think are some of the key similarities and differences? Or are they even comparable?
Not comparable :)

Sum up your Rogue Expeditions experience in one sentence:
Some of the best times of my life!