Enchanted: Thoughts on Morocco

by Victoria Nickell

I am not a blogger or even a moderate writer, but when I saw Allison's request for accounts of our various Rogue Expeditions experiences, I just knew I had to share the heart of my trip. I think it is best shown through the images that I took along the way!

As I looked over my photos from the first Rogue Morocco trip back in 2013, I was flooded with memories from the journey in which we traveled over 1000 miles and for me, about 70 of those on foot, running.

When I signed up, I knew it would be an adventure in running, but had no idea I would forge such incredible friendships with my fellow Rogues while exploring such a diverse country full of intriguing and gracious people. The journey was a feast for my senses. So many sights and sounds! The beautiful people of Morocco were my favorite part of the entire trip, and as we traveled the countryside we were greeted with endless smiles and hospitality.

From the electric energy of the souk, where you can buy just about anything while the hypnotizing music of snake charmers permeate the air, to the vast and open countryside, to the Sahara Desert where we spent an amazing evening around the campfire making music with our guides and local people,  Morocco was an unexpected enchanting adventure!

The children were especially exuberant as we ran through their villages, some even running with us, cheering loudly. In one village, they even held a “finish line” ribbon for us as we passed through; I was continually struck at the welcoming warmth that we were greeted with. Of course, the food was fresh and amazing and I enjoyed the company of my running friends and made many new ones. I can’t wait to take part in another Rogue Expeditions adventure!